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A handmade rabbit plush is an adorable, huggable, plush and cuddly children's product that meets quality standards. Its exquisite features make it so adorable. It's durable and stays cute after countless playtime adventures. This crochet bunny is unique and different from traditional toys. The materials used in the formation of this bear are the softest and finest, such as linen fabric, cotton, polyester and hypoallergenic fiber filling. If it gets dirty, clean the outer surface with mild soap and water and let it dry. This soft bunny is suitable for children aged 20+ months. It has double stitching for greater strength and durability. Arms and legs are movable. Each toy is individually detailed by hand, which brings the toy to life. This uniquely designed bunny toy is a safe and reliable companion for little ones. uses cute plush for your little prince It can be used as a gift and decoration piece on various occasions, such as birthdays, get-togethers and Christmas celebrations. Complements your living space Can be used as a complement to your DIY craft projects Instructions for use Please use it carefully, keep it away from sharp surfaces to avoid tearing. Do not use harmful chemicals to wash it. The product is machine washable, but it is preferable to wash it by hand using normal water and mild detergent., Sustainable fabric construction

Color: rabbit with copper Item


Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth: 38 x 15 x 9 cm (15x6x3.5in)

Eco-friendly and non-toxic

Bunny plush whit adress copper

SKU: bunny-plush-whit-adress-copper1169310901

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