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Handmade 50cm tall soft toy-pillow Alpaca.
The toy-pillow Alpaca is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Vegan artificial fur will not triger allergies in children so it's safe even for the sensitive skin. The cushion can serve perfectly when traveling by car or plane, as it is very comfortable to put your head on and rest not only for kids but for parents too! The toy is especially comfortable to hug, so it will become a great companion before falling asleep. This product is adored by children, so we guarantee that your child will not want to be separated from a new friend at daytime and also at night. If not used our pillow-toy will perfectly complement the decor of the child's room as a decorative cushion.
Suitable from 6 months.
Materials: 90% faux fur 7% leather 3% natural felt.
Filler: siliconized sintepone.
Color: light cream or rusty brown
Care: wash by hand, allow to dry naturally. If necessary, rinse after washing.
Made with love and care in Lithuania.

Soft toy-pillow Alpaca, creamy

SKU: soft-toy-pillow-alpaca,-creamy833474095

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