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Our swing is a beautiful piece of furniture for a children's room, which will introduce a fairytale atmosphere and make childhood an unforgettable adventure. Great fun for the youngest children, (about 9 months old).
Pine wood gives certainty about the high standard of the product. The swing is fitted with durable cotton rope fi 10 that can withstand a load of up to 20 kg. The ropes are 8 m long which perfectly suits a room with a height of 2.5 meters
Included are two thick metal wheels for hanging. It is enough to buy
mounting screws for concrete or wood depending on where the swing will
Podium crown on the backrest to provide comfort and convenience for a child is also a very elegant addition to any interior.
Dimensions of the seat
Width and length 36cmx36cm
Height 23cm
For use under the direct supervision of an adult.
Rope covers must always be placed from the top of the swings so that the
swing is stable !!!!!!!!!
Colors: •Gray

Swing with crown shaped cushion, grey

SKU: swing-with-crown-shaped-cushio1342392989

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